Executive Leadership Coaching

Individual and group coaching sessions to help individuals:

  • Increase their awareness
  • Develop new behaviors which result in leading through inspiration versus fear
  • Improve their communications skills

Individual coaching sessions usually last 45 minutes and are conducted either face-to-face or by phone.  Group coaching sessions are usually conducted as half-day or full-day off-sites or workshops.  We typically are brought on-board for an initial trial period for a month and then our effort is extended based on the improvements our clients are experiencing and seeing.


Organizational Culture Assessments

Assessments to measure the type of organizational culture present in the workplace and what type of energetic approaches the team and individuals are using to interact.  The assessments result in a measure of:

  • Organizational culture for achieving goals and performing the organization’s mission
  • Approaches the team and individuals typically use to interact and to make decisions

We use highly researched and credible tools to assess the workplace culture and approaches to interpersonal relationships.


Creating Effective Teams

An organization can have highly capable people with all of the necessary skills to be successful and still fail miserably because they don’t effectively work together as a team.  We excel at creating highly effective teams through individual and group coaching.

  • Identify people’s values
  • Help individuals learn to communicate more effectively with their teammates
  • Learn to value everyone’s contributions

The result is highly effective teams made up of individuals who learn to communicate with one another even when things aren’t going well and the team is under pressure to perform.  In this complex and knowledge-age economy, it truly is those individuals who can perform as a highly effective team who are going to be the most successful.