Testimonials are important to any company, but the testimonials presented here are from people whose opinion I value and who I have grown to greatly respect.  Bob Bivins


“Bob Bivins is a world-class executive coach and team-building mentor. I first worked with Bob several years ago, so I had a pretty good idea of the benefit and value he would bring to our program as a coach. He has met and exceeded every expectation I had for him and he is turning our collection of very capable leaders into the high-performing team we knew we could be. He’s been so successful with the senior leaders that I have asked him and his team of coaches to move to the next level down, and I can’t with to see just how much more successful we will be, largely because of him and his team of coaches. If you have a leadership team that is just not firing on all cylinders, Bob is your man!”–Don Kidd; SENSOR Program Director, Exelis Information System

  “I went to Bob for suggestions on how to handle a ‘touchy’ situation.  He gave some great suggestions and let ME decide how I best wanted to come to a resolution – all without judgment yet held me accountable and followed up with me to make sure I was on the right track.  Thanks Bob!”  –Dee, Colorado

 “As a result of Bob’s coaching ability, I was able to quickly identify high-impact opportunities for personal improvement. Through his proven approach, he was able to  help me hone in on multiple areas where slight adjustments in my delivery of information, or response to various situations, made a measurable difference in others’ perception of my frame of reference and abilities. Bob brings a wealth of knowledge and real-world experience to the table and can relate to senior level on-the-job experience and challenges.” –Randy R., Virginia

 “In working with Bob, it was always clear that he was fully engaged and truly wanted to see you succeed. Would definitely recommend, and did.”  –Kevin H., Virginia

” At a time when I was working in a negative and energy draining environment, New Pathway Coaching  enabled me to make my own life changing, pivotal decisions.  I whole-heartedly believe the value and expertise that Bob brings to each coaching session is just the catalyst I need as I grow through life’s experiences. With each coaching session, I learn of additional perspectives, increase my core value understanding and raise my self-awareness. Thank you Bob for your support!” — Angela L., Colorado